Chronicles of a Student Journalist: On Leadership

As cliche as it may be, let me start this entry with the definition from Merriam-Webster Online:
(I omitted definitions 1 and 4 as they are not fit for the topic at hand.)

lead·er·ship noun \ˈlē-dər-ˌship\
2 : capacity to lead
3 : the act or an instance of leading

A vision of a four-year old me with hands on my hips (somewhat) scolding a classmate in kindergarten is something I could only imagine based on the tales of my mother. She said I was born with a strong personality-headstrong, impatient and opinionated. But though I was consistently among the officers of the class, my mother never told me that I am leader-material. I guess my stubbornness does not necessarily equate to being a leader.
When a series of unfortunate events lead me to take over the editorial position in the campus, I was hesitant. The last time an “editor” label was attribute to me was during my last year of elementary education. I was Feature and Literary Editor of the campus paper and barely acted as such. Fast forward to a decade, I am back in the campus paper with no experience of actually being THE Editor.

After one semester of holding the position, I feel that the paper is headed to nowhere. Am I failing my plan to resurrected the dying campus paper? Our adviser said, “It must be in the leadership style.”
I think I would like to agree though the idea leaves me perplexed. I believe in allowing people to think for themselves. I do not want to terrorize them to do the things I want them to do to reach the goal. I am not a big fan of spoon feeding and autocratic leadership.
The difference in background and generation could also be a big factor. As I have observed, the students I  met early last decade seemed different from the ones I am with at present. I am now with people around half a decade younger in a barely known university. I am enrolled in a degree course that is millions away from the one I was enrolled in when I first stepped in college.
It’s hard trying to find my way in the dark with less than cooperative people around. I have always wanted to leave a mark. Failing the challenge of bring back the paper from its dismal state is not an option.
As I try to end this entry, I came across a thought that could answer my questions on how I am failing. I think, my people skills falls short. Of the all intelligences, this is my weakest. I hope can find a solution to this soon. I have no time to waste.

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