My 2012

2012 has been a very eventful year. From 3-day road trips to a love affair with an opera ghost, the year has blessed me with a variety of experience that gives me a better perspective in life.

The year started with the continuation of one of the most grueling semesters in college. I finished a magazine geared towards students by myself. I was trying to resurrect a newspaper that has been dying the past years. And I was also working on my tasks for the upcoming media week that is organized by the academic organization from which I am a member (and an officer) of.

The workload was carried to the next two months. Though tasks from the publication was removed from the list, I faced a great challenge of contacting 10 alumni of the University who graduated with the degree I am currently enrolled in. I also was part of the cast for the play “Dyip.”

For second half of the year (which is the first semester of the Academic year 2012-2013), I was enrolled in one of the most exciting and labor and cost intensive course in my curriculum. For the next few months I’ll be travelling to different places to capture newsworthy places and events. The course ended with two of my photos ranking best on two categories. (I also made the lay out of the photomagazine for the finals.)

I enrolled two subjects out of my curriculum in the second semester of the academic year. With that, I am part of another play production. This time it is an modern adaptation of Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero’s Wanted: A Chaperon.

We had been working on the upcoming 2013 media week.

The campus paper is slowly rising from the grave as we already have an adviser and released a paper albeit not in the usual 11×17 size. We are currently working on the next issue. I still hope for the best.

Apart from school, (social/cultural?) life has also be fruitful. I continued to enjoy watching plays and musicals. This year’s list include Sipat Lawin Ensemble’s Battalia Royale, Repertory Philippines’ Jekyll and Hyde, Atlantis Productions’ God of Carnage and the Manila production of The Phantom of the Opera.

The Phantom of the Opera gave me more than just the show. Through my theater buddy Kate, I’ve experience attending press-related events for the said show. To her, I will really be grateful. (I wrote a blog entry for this).

Hanging out with Rudstin has also been a highlight of this year. We have attended events and photowalks. We bonded over food and pictures. We developed a partnership that allowed us to schedule shoots may it be for a photobooth or for vanity’s sake (ehem ehem, Karlen).

Some friendships remain stronger. Thank you, Karlen, for putting up with my temperamental attitude. I also developed tighter bonds with more people in the University. Rob, KC, Hiji, Ayish, thank you for those moments. And in absence, the fondness grow stronger. Aiza, please come back. HAHA.

The family has our usual ups and downs but these experiences help become more mature and grow closer. My brother and I bonded through a free to play online game. I was with my sister when she got up on stage to mark the completion of her graduate degree.(twice- one for the college, another for the university). During the summer, the females of the family embarked on the road trip to the northern provinces of the country. Sadly, I missed the long awaited trip to Cebu and Bohol. Academic reasons. Enough said.

Now, I face the year with anticipation. There will always be ups and downs. But it’s better to stand up and continue the fight than to break down and wallow in defeat.

Isn’t it great that the world didn’t end at all?



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