Death and the Lives Left After

I learned from a social network site that a young male actor from a hit comedy series was found dead in his hotel room one Saturday. He was supposed to check out from the hotel that day but he failed to do so. That was when they discovered his body. Foul play was ruled out.
Earlier this year, the actor admitted himself to a facility to help him from his substance abuse. He revealed that he had this problem since his teenage years. With this problem plaguing him from his past, many thought that it was possible that he succumbed to the demons and took his own life.
When I turned the television on, a program which focuses on celebrity stories shows the upcoming news for their latest episode. The tragic death of this actor is among them, and of course, how his girlfriend reacted on the news.

I know she will definitely be devastated. I haven’t lost anyone who has been really close to me so I can’t say how it feels – but I know that loss leads to grief. In funerals, I can’t help but to wonder about the bereaved. How do they really feel? What extent of grief, what level of sadness are they experiencing? And there is much more trauma when the cause of death is either violence or suicide.
While the dead makes exit, those left behind can feel the sting of the loss. While the dead can rest in peace, those left behind continue live out their lives with added what ifs.



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