There’s a New Pizzeria in Town!

And they boast a carnival in every bite. 

Pezzo is grab and go pizza place from Singapore which offers more than the usual flavors.


They sell pizza by the slice (PHP 89 for Carnival, PHP 110 for Gala) but you can get deals for three or six slices at PHP 279 and PHP 529 respectively. You are also free to choose a variety of flavors from the classic favorites- Hola Hawaiian and Cheesy Cheese to their not so usual flavors like Hot Chick and Mexican Mania.


My sister and I tried their Big Daddy, Hot Chick, Meat Munchers, Supremo and Cheesy Cheese-which we all enjoyed.  We saw different flavors online such as Singa Laksa, Chicken Rendang and Sambal Ikan Bilis but I haven’t seen them in the store yet. I would have wanted to try those.

It may seem that they are rather pricey but each bite of their pizza is so loaded with toppings. We got full in just one slice.

I was a bit bummed when we bought our pizza because the guy at the cash register was slow and seemed a bit lost. However, one of the crew was nice enough to keep us entertained and even made sure that our pizza was warmed right.


You can check out this shop at Robinson’s Place Manila. They also plan to open four more branches by the end of the year. Visit their website and their facebook page for more information.


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