The Runners Up

As the sixth season of Asia’s Next Top Model (AsNTM) ended, I decided to paint the portraits of the two contestants that I liked during the cycle. Both of them started out really strong in the competition. However, one remained consistent while the other stumbled a bit.

Adela-Mae ASNTM6 PH
Adela-Mae Marshall
Mia Sabathy ASNTM6 Taiwan
Mia Sabathy

Sadly, both of them failed to take the crown. They both ended up as runners up, much like in the top model franchise each joined in prior to AsNTM. Adela-Mae Marshall, who represented the Philippines, was a runner up in the Philippine version while Mia placed third in the Austrian one.

Both artworks are created using ClipStudio Paint with a few tweaks with Picasa. 


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