Grandma Has Been Cooking Churros Right

So, I decided to practice painting food.


I have heard a lot about La Lola through blogs claiming it to be one of the best churros in Metro Manila.

During our weekly trip to the supermarket, I spotted a familiar looking cartoon of a grandma. I gasped. “Churreria La Lola!” Finally, I don’t need to go far for a taste of these churros.

We dropped by the shop a day after it opened. There wasn’t any queues at that time since the mall just opened and it is a Sunday.  After a bit of hesitation, my sister and I decided to try these popular treats.

Those are really good churros. We tried the classico and the dark. My sister and I both aren’t fond of the classico that much. That really needed to be dipped in something to lessen the oily taste. Then again, why would you need to dip it when you can get those already coated with chocolate? 
Next time we drop by La Lola, we will try the other things in their menu like their savory churros and the one with matcha ice cream (because matcha is love.)

And here’s my practice painting:

The packaging is love!

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